The House Love Built 

There’s magic when the foundation is love 

Love is patient, love is kind. Nestled into the historic town of Franklin, TN, this 1910 Folk Victorian home underwent what we like to call a reimagination; it’s a unique process that’s the best of love, patience, grace, and time - a year and a half to be exact. In that time, we artfully reinvented the space to be a modern blend of rustic farmhouse cottage with early American with a little French touch. We made choices to honor this old home for all that it is - magic

-Isabel Fiske Conant 

“They who love an old house 
Will never love in vain 
For how can any old house 
Used to sun and rain 
To lilac and to larkspur 
And arching trees above 
Fail to give its answer 
To the hearts that give it love.”