Meet Amber Cagle - 
Designer, Creator, Dreamer

Black Dove Interiors is a vision realized. 

Amber Cagle fell in love with art and design as a child. She blended that passion with her love of making home and space more beautiful to enjoy. A clear personal and professional trajectory emerged. Add in her bold, bright entrepreneurial spirit, and you can just feel how her story unfolds.

With the beautiful North Carolina mountains as the backdrop, she studied interior design at Appalachian State University. Following graduation, she worked for almost a decade in architecture and design before moving to Argentina to work for an architectural visualization firm. There, she worked on projects all over the world - from Dubai to Sri Lanka to Los Angeles. 


“Wherever you are, truly be there. ”

She returned to North Carolina to launch a long-lived dream - Black Dove Interiors. 

Her work is a process and a practice, a gift and a responsibility; an honor and an opportunity. More than anything though, it’s about answering the call to dream bigger and dream higher. 

Her world outside of Black Dove is surrounded by beautiful things, places, and experiences. She loves anything that captures wanderlust - historic homes; cottages with nooks and crannies; a warm sunlit window in summertime; open-air street markets in foreign places full of textiles, pottery, and art; old books; white wine; hot yoga, a good run.  

She believes in magic and stories. 

What is a Black Dove?

A peaceful presence - with edge; boldness and stillness; daring tranquility; passion and power; hushed courage; art and science; poetry and the eye of a storm - oddly quiet in the midst of a ferocious moment. It’s that calm and measured inner voice that cooly and confidently challenges you to take a leap, explore, give more, be more. It’s the internal fire that’s also your north star. The black sheep - in a really good way.




Compliments we’ll remember forever


It has been a surreal first 30 days in our house. It has given me time to fully appreciate all of the unique details and touches you imagined up that make our home a true one of a kind. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our project. Every time someone new walks in, they are absolutely blown away. You have a very special talent and we were lucky you were able to help us when we so badly needed it. Best of luck and continued success. Can’t wait to see what you do next!


Amber is very detail oriented and hands-on throughout the entire construction process. Her outside-the-box thinking helps keep projects moving even when circumstances outside of her control arise.


Amber has become part of our own team in a sense. She’s not only interested in the architecture and design of our space, she makes us lists of our back-of-house items to order, logs into our Instagram to get our profile picture up, comes on-site to hand-paint our antique doors. We love Amber.


Amber considered every molding, every fixture, every door hinge. Every detail mattered.




A tiny powerhouse.

These stories start with us.

We are Black Dove Interiors. A boutique design studio with deep and diverse experience in commercial and residential architecture and interior design. Trusted experts in creating uniquely beautiful and bold places. Visual storytellers who believe every space is a meaningful and detailed story waiting to be told, waiting to fling open the doors to welcome in people and possibility; love and magic.  

We feel called to be the spark. We listen to you and your vision; scour the world for inspiration; push the envelope when it feels good and right; serve as your partner in the beautiful, messy process of making a space confident and calm, bright and still; peace-filled and electric.